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Mr. Henry practices a technique known in the beauty salon as Thermal Straightening. The company who’s product he endorses is Bio-Ionic Inc, and is formally known and trademarked as Ion-Retexturizing. The creator and inventor of this revolutionary system, Mr. Fernando Romero, traveled to Japan where he learned about Natural Ion Therapy and Create Ion. This healing therapy is based on natural negative ion energy and has been used in Japan for hundreds of years to treat physical and mental ailments. Bio-Ionic uses this powerful healing energy to offer unlimited possibilities exclusively for the hair care professional. Bio-Ionic presents this remarkable system as a new breakthrough technology designed to be shared with you.

Mr. Henry has been trained and certified by Bio-Ionic to apply the Ion-Retexturizing System. He is qualified to initiate a comprehensive consultation that will determine if you are eligible to have the service performed. He will determine the initial cost for you and determine the cost of upkeep.

To learn more about Bio-Ionic, visit: www.bioionic.co